Cruise ship secrets: Former crew member unveils most ‘annoying’ thing about guests

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No one knows what it is really like to work on a cruise ship unless you have experienced if yourself. Even those who go aboard to experience the unique way of travelling the world, don’t see what happens below deck or behind the guest areas. One member of crew previously working onboard has spoken out about life on a massive voyagers, and revealed what the best and worst thing about the job was and what “annoying” things passengers used to do. 

Reddit user chriswong_vlogs created a thread ‘My life as crew member!’ And several people joined in the discussion. 

Gary320 commented: “I’m going to ask the most generic question.

“What’s the best thing about being in the cruise ship? Besides touring the world. 

“What’s the worst thing about being in the cruise ship.

“Worst experience with a someone on the ship that made you contemplate quitting.” 

Chriswong_vlogs replied: “Best thing! The life onboard is unlike anything I had experienced before. 

“It’s a whole world itself, living on a cruise ship. I have friendships that now span the globe.

“Worst thing. The amount of hours we work is insane. The job can be very tedious.

“I never quit because of someone. I quit for a career change.”

Chriswong_vlogs also explained their favourite port. 

“I’ve been all over the world, so it’s hard to narrow down my favourite ports,” they commented. 

“The ports in Norway are spectacular. Seeing the Fjords is incredible.” 

In terms of how much the crew on a cruise ship gets paid, Chriswong_vlogs revelled: “When it comes to our wages, it depends how you look at it. 

“Yes, the overall is low. However we don’t have to pay rent, food, bills etc. And my pay is also tax free.” 

Chriswong_vlogs was also asked: “Do you, or any crew, ever resent cruisers?

“It seems like there would be some resentment considering how rude and entitled cruisers can be. 

“And, they spend more on a few fancy drinks than many staff make in a week (I hear). Any thoughts?” 

“Sometimes guests will do things to annoy me, like leaving used cups and plates in the shop – and I end up having to take it back to the cafe,” Chriswong_vlogs replied. 

“Overall, I enjoy interacting with the guests.”

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