Cruise secrets: Passenger brings VERY strange luggage on each ship – ‘her room is unique’

Cruise ship passengers are treated to plentiful baggage allowances. While each and every cruise firm has different stipulations, many allow travellers to take more than one suitcase, with individual luggage weightings of 20kg or more. This means holidaymakers aren’t forced to select between their favourite vacation wardrobe items, instead they can take them all and choose while on board. This is particularly handy when cruises offer a host of evening entertainment for which formal attire is required.

Yet, one particular cruise ship passenger’s strange packing habits have now come to light.

Former cruise ship medic, Dr Ben MacFarlane detailed a conversation he had with a fellow crew member in his new book, Cruise Ship SOS.

He was asked if he had seen a particular female passenger’s cabin, to which he replied he had not.

Ben recalled how his fellow employee told of her quirky room, and said: “You’ll be amazed by it. Most people bring suitcases of clothes.

“Eileen brings home furnishings. Her room is unique.

“She has her own sheets on the bed, her own pictures on the walls.

“We are her family when we are at sea, Benjamin.

“And everyone knows that families can sometime be a great disappointment.”

It seems the female passenger wanted to spark a sense of home, and home comforts, while on her vacation.

It is unclear how long she was travelling for, or how many items of furniture she had brought along with her.

Meanwhile, the luggage limitations for cruise ship passengers were recently clarified.

Just like airlines, each specific cruise line has its own luggage restrictions.

Some cruise routes also incorporate a flight, as well as the journey on sea, so passengers also have to take this into account.

Here are the main baggage regulations for five major cruise lines:

Norwegian Cruise Line: 2 pieces of personal luggage, each weighing a maximum of 22kg.

P&O: As many pieces of luggage as you like as long as they don’t exceed 23kg.

Carnival Cruises: Limited to two suitcases per guests, each weighing no more than 22kg and should not exceed 16 inches high x 24 inches wide.

Royal Caribbean: Each guest has a luggage allowance of 90kg.

Celebrity Cruises: No limitations, however suggested limitation of 2 pieces of luggage plus a carry-on bag.

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