Cruise holidays: Expert reveals when you should book your cruise for the best price

Cruise holidays are normally very popular among British travellers. Many people will be looking forward to when they can travel once again and return to their favourite spots. However, with some Britons’ finances perhaps not as healthy as they were, the need to bag a cheap holiday is greater than ever.


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A travel expert has shared with her top tips for booking cheap cruises.

Lola Hood, in-house cruise expert at leading travel search platform HolidayPirates revealed it’s all about timing and the types of cruises you choose.

One great way to nab cheap deals is to opt for repositioning cruises.

“At the end of each high season in a certain region, ships need to relocate for the start of the next high season in another part of the world,” Hood said.

“Many cruise lines offer last-minute deals to fill cabins during these trips, which are known as repositioning cruises.

“These often offer one-off, one-way journeys at affordable prices which are off the beaten track and usually less crowded.”

These cruises are great for those who particularly enjoy life onboard the ship.

‘Repo’ cruises offer passengers plenty of time at sea so they can make the most of all the entertainment and activities the vessel offers.

They also might take you to destinations you might otherwise not consider visiting.

“Repositioning cruises often offer several sea-days, as well as unusual stop-offs in places like Greenland, which make them a great choice if you’re looking to do something different on a budget,’ explained Hood.

This also means that such cruises might not be for everyone – so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Hood said: “It’s worth noting that these journeys can be quite long, and that they’ll include a lot of time in the open ocean – so they’re not a wise choice for travellers who aren’t in possession of some sturdy sea legs!”


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As with any holiday, being careful with when you travel can make the difference to how pricey the trip will be.

“When considering what time of year to book a cruise, you may want to bear in mind that some of the most popular times of year are also the most expensive,” said Hood.

“Peak season for different cruises will depend on the destination your cruise liner is travelling to, so be conscious of your destination of choice and when it might attract the most visitors.

“If you’re willing to travel the Mediterranean during early spring, for example, you may be able to get a better deal.”

The cruise expert also recommended casting your net wide when it comes to how you go about searching for bargain cruise holidays.

“Most major cruise lines will advertise their deals on their homepage,” Hood said.

“But don’t forget to take advantage of comparison websites such as Kayak and Skyscanner, as well as deal sites such as HolidayPirates, and Travel Supermarket.”

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