Cruise family holidays: ‘Avoid polyester’ clothing as it traps heat – ‘nightmare-inducing’

Jane McDonald takes an American cruise around Alaska

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Cruise holidays give British tourists the chance to explore many stunning destinations in one trip. But what should Britons pack for a family cruise holiday? spoke to Kate Brassington, co-founder of the Family Vacation Guide, to hear her top packing tips.

Kate told “The thought of forgetting something essential when on a family trip with children is nightmare-inducing.

“When it comes to a family cruise you need to be extra thorough with your packing, because it does differ from a family land-based trip!”

One good thing about packing for a cruise holiday is that families will normally know which activities they’re going to do before leaving.

Kate told “When packing for a cruise, it’s important to think about necessity.

“Often cabins can be more compact than a hotel room so keep organisation in mind and consider whether it is needed or or would just take up valuable space in your suitcase.”

She said: “If you are preparing for a warm weather cruise, make sure to pack breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.

“These fabrics absorb sweat while also letting your child’s skin breathe. Avoid packing synthetic materials like polyester since they trap heat against the body, which can cause discomfort when on board the ship on warmer days.”

Travelling with a baby can be a special experience but there are also several things holidaymakers need to prepare.

Kate said: “Don’t forget the baby food. The cruise might not offer age-appropriate food, and even though most children will eat anything, they might not like the ship’s options.

“If you know your child needs baby food or their diet requires it, then opt to bring along a little extra just in case.”

She added: “Remember to pack a lot of snacks because babies get hungry fast. Remember that while the cruise cafeteria and eating areas are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you might not have access to food during off-hours.”

For teenagers, Kate recommends packing a pair of bluetooth headphones to bring on the ship.

She said: “If your teenager has a phone with Bluetooth capabilities, then you can allow them to bring their headphones along.

“This way, they won’t have to worry about whether or not their phone will fit in the available sound docks on board.

“If not, you might want to purchase some extra adapters for use while onboard the boat.”

Kate said that bringing along backpacks for each child old enough to carry one, could make a huge difference.

She said: “If your child is going off ship to tour local attractions while in port, then they need to have a bag with them at all times.

“This is because they will be allowed only specific amounts of liquid, and these bags will help you stay within the confines of cruise rules.

“Some children may want their own backpack on board the boat because they might feel limited by what is available or might not like sharing their space with you.”

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