Carnival Cruise Line Previews Mardi Gras' BOLT Roller Coaster

Anticipation continues to build for Carnival Cruise Line’s new Mardi Gras cruise ship slated to enter service next year and for good reason. After all, the ship will feature BOLT, the world’s first-ever and fastest roller coaster at sea.

Mardi Gras Cruise Director Matt Mitcham recently paid a visit to BOLT’s test track in Munich, Germany to preview the first-of-its-kind ride, which will take riders around 700 feet of track as high as 180 feet above sea level.

“For the people who love roller coasters like us, we think this will be the most amazing experience that we can actually create on a ship,” said Steve Boney, Maurer Business Development. “Every time you go the ship will be moving to a different port and you’ll have a different view and a different moment. Then, of course, you control it yourself. So all of the other coasters you’ve been on, you strap in and wait for the experience. Here, you’re a part of the experience. You’re going to choose your own fun on the ride. You can have acceleration twice the amount of a Porsche 911.”

The two-person motorcycle-style coaster is all-electric and allows riders to control their own speed so they can compete with others for the fastest time around the track, which will provide 360-degree ocean views.

BOLT will also feature a digital speedometer displaying speeds of up to 40 mph and speakers with sound effects along with built-in cameras that will capture riders in action. Guests can then download the photos and share them with their friends and family.

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