Carnival Cruise Line is launching a food allergy program: Travel Weekly

Carnival Cruise Line will implement a program on all its ships to mitigate the risks of dietary allergic reactions.

Menu Mate will enable both guests and crew to record any food allergies or dietary restrictions, and the program will then sort through available options and display items that are allergen friendly, options that can be modified to exclude allergens and selections that should be avoided.

Crew can enter the information for guests or they can do it themselves using a Menu Mate-designated tablet. Carnival said the program is the first of its kind among major cruise lines. 

“Making sure everyone is included in the fun and has the best experience possible is extremely important to us,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival, in a statement. “We are always looking for new ways to help our crew enhance our guests’ experiences, and that’s exactly what this new program is doing on our ships for those with food allergies.” 

Carnival said the program eliminates the lengthy process of conferring between guests, wait staff and chefs over the ingredients in menu items and possible substitutions. It also means that guests do not have to inform Carnival of food allergies in advance of their cruise.

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