Britons can get the ‘cruise trip of a lifetime at an affordable price’

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‘Wave Season’ is considered the best time to book cruises. It runs from January to March, so British tourists still have time to catch the wave. Yasmin Pekel, owner and CEO of Blue Cruise, shared her exclusive tips with

Come prepared

Yasmin said: “What do you want from a cruise? This is the information you should have ready before contacting a travel agent or even starting to look at cruise options.

“All cruises are different, with varying destinations, atmosphere and even amenities, so you should conduct some research before booking your trip.”

Cruise lines each have their own vibe so guests will need to carefully consider what they want.

They will also need to think about how many ‘sea days’ they want to include or whether they’d like to spend the majority of their time off the ship.

Book ASAP or last-minute

Yasmin told “First come, first serve is the mindset you should have towards wave season.

“The cheapest rooms and the best packages are usually the first to go, as the price increases due to supply and demand.

“Alternatively, cruises will also offer last-minute deals owing to cancellations. These are not ideal, as they require flexibility and spontaneity, so unless you’re travelling solo, being an early bird is always recommended.”

Booking early could help British tourists secure their dream cruise package and the price may also be lower.

Budget in advance

Yasmin warned: “Cruises are expensive, there’s no doubt about it. To get the best boat for your buck, you’ll want to have the money saved up and ready to go as soon as bookings open for your cruise.

“While the majority of cruise lines offer payment plans and various other models of flexibility, this is not the case for every ship.

“By having the money saved up, you ensure you secure your place.”

Cruises can be expensive but travelling outside of peak season or on an older ship could help British tourists save.

Schedule excursions

Yasmin said: “Discounts aren’t only for your ship accommodation. Wave season also brings a variety of other discounts, including money off excursions, restaurants and much more.

“By being proactive and speaking to the cruise line about any offshore adventures, you can usually secure a great rate.”

Cruise guests might be able to save on excursions or special experiences if they ask ahead of time.

If that’s not possible, they could book excursions through a trusted third party to save money on days out.

Get your perfect cruise

Yasmin added: “You should see wave season as the perfect opportunity to get the best trip to suit your needs.

“One of the key advantages of the period is how many lines, including world-famous cruises, offer discounts.

“This is your chance to get the trip of a lifetime at an affordable rate, so make the most of it!”

Wave Season runs until the end of March and is one of the best times of the year to book a bargain cruise holiday.

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