What it looks like to stay in Australia’s ‘smartest’ hotel

When it comes to finding a luxury getaway, chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find anything for $150 per night.

But a “world first” initiative involving a 40-square-metre shipping container, converted into Australia’s “smartest” hotel, has been developed to give travellers a taste of luxury without having to break the bank.

Inside Australia’s smartest hotel — and it will only cost you $150 per night.Source:Supplied

The futuristic hotel has been launched by mobile phone company OPPO and aims to give guests a glimpse of what’s possible with the newly launched 5G network,

The hotel, which will be travelling around Australia to locations that have 5G access, is the first 5G-powered smart hotel in the world.

With a black matte exterior, the one-bedroom “hotel room” looks like a self-contained cabin with minimalist style furnishings throughout.

For 40sq m, the space is more than adequate for a couple, with windows lining each side of the container.

The space is more than adequate for a couple.Source:Supplied

The suite is kitted out with minimalist furnishings.Source:Supplied

But the “smart” technology installed throughout the furnishings sets the room apart from a standard hotel stay. The hotel is powered by a mobile phone device, which essentially acts as the “brains” of the container, powering the mirrors and television, the gaming suite and even the Google Home Hub installed throughout the room.

The bathroom has its own ‘Smart Mirror’ powered by a phone.Source:Supplied

The mirror lets you watch YouTube or scroll through the news while you get ready.Source:Supplied

For the gaming buffs, the hotel has a complete 5G gaming suite that allows users to experience the real-world applications of 5G.

The new network, which launched in parts of Australia in July this year, means the hotel will only travel to locations where 5G is operational.

It is essentially the next generation in mobile networks for mass connectivity. It’ll be much faster than 4G and should limit peak time congestion too.

The hotel is powered by a phone that acts as the ‘brains’ of the suite.Source:Supplied

According to Finder.com.au, 5G networks will be the fifth generation of mobile network standards used worldwide. The initial generation of mobile networks was purely focused on calls, while 2G services added enough capacity to handle phone-to-phone text messaging. 3G networks improved data capabilities to handle internet usage, something that was greatly expanded with the birth of 4G networks.

Finder expects capital cities to see most of the 5G action first, however both Telstra and Optus have indicated plans to stretch out to regional areas as rapidly as possible.

Capital cities will be the first to receive 5G before it’s expanded to other parts of Australia.Source:Supplied

“We know Aussies are excited for the arrival of 5G, so we’ve built the ultimate live-in experience for consumers to be able to fully immerse themselves in the advancements and innovations that come with the network,” OPPO Australia managing director Michael Tran said.

“We look forward to customers experiencing our innovative 5G-powered smart hotel and see the real-life benefits of the new network.”

The bedroom has access to Google Home Hub and a kitchen as part of the wardrobe.Source:Supplied

The suite is perfect for a couple who want to experience the technology available with 5G.Source:Supplied

The OPPO 5G Hotel made its debut at Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay over the weekend. It will now travel down to the Gold Coast’s Home of the Arts precinct from July 24, where the hotel will remain until the end of August. Further locations will be announced as it makes its way down the coast towards Sydney.

Bookings are available from August 1, 2019 here.

This writer stayed in the OPPO 5G Hotel as a guest

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