Walks near me: Best walks near Brighton – from coastline to countryside

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Brighton is a vibrant and colourful seaside town home to all manner of fun things to do. However, for those who are looking to explore its surrounding areas, the good news is there are plenty of gorgeous walks on offer.

Whether you want to take in oceanside vistas or immerse yourself in the countryside, Brighton is surrounded by trails suitable for all levels for walkers.

Express.co.uk has rounded up five of the best walks near Brighton.

With a few weeks left of the summer weather, now could be the perfect time to strap on your walking boots and venture into nature.

Kipling Rodedean and Rottingdean trail

Journeying along Brighton’s coast is the stunning Kipling Rodedean and Rottingdean trail.

Hailed by local explorers the trail boasts stunning views of Brighton’s beautiful aquamarine waters and beach, as well as rolling hills and golden fields.

It is also the birthplace of some of Rudyard Kipling’s poetry, with Rottingdean the source of much of the writers’ inspiration.

It is classed as a moderate walk.

How far is the Kipling Rodedean and Rottingdean trail?

The Kipling Rodedean and Rottingdean trail loop spans 7.2 kilometres.

How do I get to the Kipling Rodedean and Rottingdean trail?

Rottingdean is just 16 minutes by car from Brighton city centre.

It can be reached in one hour and 23 minutes by foot for those hoping to get in some extra steps.

Is there anything else nearby?

With Brighton just a stone’s throw away from the walk, explorers can head to the beach once they have completed their journey for a relaxing afternoon.

There are a number of cafes and pubs in the nearby vicinity to refuel.

Additionally, facilities along the route include public toilets half-way along the undercliff path.

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South Downs Circular Route

The South Downs National Park, located south of Brighton, is home to a number of interesting walks.

For those looking for a challenge, the South Downs Circular route offers just that.

Though the journey time is long, previous walkers have said it is anything but boring thanks to a host of gorgeous views.

However, walkers should note this is a route frequented by mountain bikers and cyclists.

How far is the South Downs Circular Route?

The South Downs Circular walk spans 58.6 kilometres.

How do I get to the South Downs National Park?

This route, in particular, starts just south of WestDene, Brighton.

The start point can be reached by car in 16 minutes from Brighton city centre.

It is also accessible via local transit links.

Is there anything else nearby?

The South Downs National Park is home to a number of other walking routes.

Walkers who aren’t satisfied after this journey can opt to take an additional stroll.

The area is also great for picnics, with plenty of scenic spots to set up camp.

Stanmer Park Circular Walk

For those hoping to immerse themselves in stunning English countryside, the Stanmer Park Circular was is ideal.

Though it takes an average of four hours to complete, walkers will be rewarded with plenty of picturesque moments along the way.

The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running and cycling.

It is classed as good for all skill levels.

How far is the Stanmer Park Circular walk?

The Stanmer Park Circular walk spans 14.2 kilometres.

How do I get to Stanmer Park?

Stanmer Park can be reached by car from Brighton in 18 minutes.

The park can also be accessed by train. The journey takes around 14 minutes

Is there anything else nearby?

A mix of hills, woods and open space makes for a perfect picnic day out.

Pack some snacks and a blanket and refuel mid-walk.

Alternatively, pop into the nearby Stanmer Tea Rooms for a well deserved light bite.

Poynings and Devils Dyke

Boasting stunning wildflowers and vast expanses of greenery, the Poynings and Devils Dyke is a trail for the whole family.

Classed as an easy walk, this route is good for all skill levels and is primarily used for hiking, walking and running.

According to legend, Devils Dyke itself is said to be the place where the Devil and his wife are buried.

The chalk downland is the deepest dry valley in the country.

The area is also home to an array of wildlife.

How far is the Poynings and Devils Dyke walk?

The Poynings and Devils Dyke walk spans 3.7 kilometres.

How do I get to Devils Dyke?

By car, it takes approximately 27 minutes to reach Devils Dyke from Brighton central.

It can also be reached by bus, though connections will be necessary.

Is there anything else nearby?

Not too far from the walk is Saddlescombe farm, a working farm hamlet complete with donkey wheel.

Though some areas of the farm are restricted, members of the public can still journey through some areas of the farm which are signposted.

Brighton to Southease

Starting at Brighton Promenade, this varying walk then travels undercliff, across the South Downs to the quint village of Southease.

Along the way, walkers can expect stunning views and plenty of wildflowers.

It is rated as moderate and is also dog-friendly.

How far is the Brighton to Southease walk?

The linear walk travels 16.3 kilometres.

How do I get to the Brighton to Southeast walk?

The walk begins on Brighton Promenade which means there is little journey time to start.

From its ending place of Southease walkers can return to Brighton via train.

The journey is roughly 30 minutes.

Is there anything else nearby?

Once walkers have reached Southease they can take some time to explore the secluded village.

This small civil parish is home to a number of historic cottages dating back to the 17th century.

A small Saxon church also sits at its centre.

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