The New Bob Ross Experience Lets Fans Explore His Studio and Browse His Art Supplies

Bob Ross portrait

If there were ever a time that the world needed a few happy little trees, it would be now. Luckily, the Bob Ross Experience is here to save all our sanity. 

In October, Visit Indiana opened the doors to the Bob Ross Experience, a hands-on interactive exhibit inside Bob’s former studio. 

“Bob Ross inspired generations of viewers with his soft-spoken voice and a pallet knife,” Visit Indiana explained. “With its global reach, it’s hard to imagine that much of the beloved series, The Joy of Painting, was filmed in an unassuming studio in Muncie, Indiana.” 

As the website explained, Bob painted for the series out of the historic L.L. Ball home on Minnetrista’s campus from 1983 to 1988. “Bob’s message of fearless creativity and his ability to reinterpret perceived mistakes as ‘happy little accidents’ is something we want to see amplified in our world today.” 

At the exhibit, fans can explore more about Bob’s life and philosophy and even check out some of his original paintings and artifacts. 

According to The New York Times, which attended the opening day event, just fifteen visitors are allowed in per hour, with timed tickets, to ensure social distancing. (And of course, masks are mandatory). Inside, guests can pose with Ross’ real easel, palette, and the set of brushes he used in the show. Guests can even check out the actual hair pick Ross used to fluff his perm on the show.

“We made it as close as possible to how it appeared when he filmed here” while still accommodating visitors, George Buss, vice president of visitor experience at Minnetrista, told The Times.

The Experience is offered Wednesday through Sunday and is free for members. Local residents will have to pay $8 per person for adults and $6 per kid. Non-residents will pay $15 per person for adults and $12 per kid. See more about the experience and buy tickets here. 

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