Summer camps in Miami Florida will make your child’s vacation useful and memorable: hundreds of summer programs for this country’s schoolchildren, combining educational and recreational activities. The United States has long established itself as an excellent program for children of all ages and any goal – its educational institutions are deservedly world leaders and have created progressive educational programs that have become benchmarks around the world.

Camp programs in the United States and Miami

Summer education in the United States can take place both in large cities and in remote areas – it all depends on the chosen educational institution. Often, depending on the geographic location and available infrastructure, summer English schools in the United States develop their own unique programs.

For example, children and teens vacationing in California will become familiar with the major attractions of the “Golden” State: Hollywood and Santa Barbara, the Grand Canyon and the San Diego Zoo, and they can surf the beaches of Malibu and shop the hills at Beverly. The camps located near New York will unveil the secrets of this big city and let everyone know the areas: Manhattan, Little Italy, Chinatown.

As for the language practice itself, every summer camp for children in the United States mandates a mandatory curriculum. For about 20 hours a week, experienced teachers work with the children. In most cases, lessons are conducted in small groups. With such a schedule, students have enough free time to communicate, which allows them to get accustomed to the English environment in a short period of time.

Depending on the age of the students, English for Kids USA is taught in either a fun or more academic way. But either way, much of the attention in the concentration camps is focused on grammar, vocabulary, correct structure of phrases and consolidation of material over the course of various events. These include role-playing games and quizzes, as well as discos, sports, hikes, and meetings with interesting people.

Benefits of Camp Miami

Camp America offers a large selection of programs for children ages 6 and up. Also, special programs are developed for different age groups, and the intensity of the program and the amount of recreational activities may vary. U.S. language camps take children year-round, but are most popular during summer and winter breaks

The first half of the day at Camp America is dedicated to learning English. Children are grouped according to their level of language knowledge. Lessons are conducted in a fun way, and children learn the language through conversations, role-playing games, and participation in various projects. The afternoons are organized for excursions, entertainment, sports, movies, shopping, parties, etc.

Thanks to the high quality programs and the constant presence in an English-speaking environment, American vacations achieve excellent results in learning English. Children continue to learn English through communication during short trips, recreational activities, and while in host families or dormitories.

Vacation programs for children and teens can be held at language schools, private high schools or college campuses.

Activities at American Kids Camp

Usually, English classes take place in the morning. After lunch, children relax, play sports and go for hikes. Weekends are also busy with short trips and recreational activities – such as a visit to Disneyland. The cultural program of the camp depends a lot on its location.

It is worth noting that language camps in the United States are located throughout the country. Many are located in major cities such as New York or Boston, and other educational centers are surrounded by wildlife – on the ocean and in the mountains. As a result, excursion programs can vary greatly from camp to camp.

Thus, students studying in New York spend their free time walking around Manhattan and visiting New York’s most famous exhibition venues: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Modern Art. Cultural programs in camps located in the provinces are often dedicated to the study of wildlife. Schoolchildren go hiking in national parks, rock climbing, caving, bungee jumping and kayaking on rivers. All in all, the summer camp programs can be very different, so there is always a chance to find something that will be of interest to your child.

Summer Camp Miami Accommodations

Students at Miami Summer Camp stay with host families or in student housing. Both types of accommodations are perfectly safe for students. Families receiving children from abroad undergo thorough inspections by school staff. There must be security in the dormitory building and at least one employee of the educational institution who will help the child with family problems if necessary. As a rule, boys and girls live in different buildings of the dormitory.

What documents are required to visit a camp in Miami?

To arrange a visit to an American camp or language school, you will need the following documents.

  • The child’s passport.
  • Consent of both parents for the child to travel abroad independently.
  • Proof of school
  • Medical insurance.

Plus a package of documents to obtain a visa.

  • Visa photos
  • Questionnaires.
  • Bank statements ;
  • Sponsorship letter.

The cost of traveling to the Miami camp

The cost of a vacation can be quite affordable even for those with moderate incomes. On average, a week at a U.S. camp for children and teens costs $1,500 to $2,500.

The total price consists of the following formula.

  • Lodging ;
  • Nutrition ;
  • Services of a qualified teacher.
  • Short trips and excursions to neighboring cities or along the coast.

Round-trip airfare, medical insurance and visa fees are paid separately.

Accommodations for students and schoolchildren during education  are arranged in comfortable rooms on campus or in boarding apartments. Each children’s camp in the United States provides good nutrition for students. It can be breakfast and dinner, or full board, including a variety of hot and cold dishes. Some schools even take into account dietary or vegetarian characteristics.

Since summer camps in the United States are organized on the basis of large colleges and universities, they all have a good infrastructure. Students can visit swimming pools, use tennis and soccer courts, libraries, computer clubs, etc.

American summer vacations are a unique and most effective education for young people’s personal growth and provide a solid foundation for a successful life and career. Upon returning from the U.S., these individuals become truly different people – independent and self-sufficient, mature and free, able to work in teams, and with a broader, more confident view of the world.