Ryanair to make passengers seek permission for toilet use

Ryanair passengers will need to ask permission to use the toilet when flights return on July 1.

Europe’s biggest airline will also conduct temperature checks, require masks to be worn and prohibit queues to reduce the chances of spreading the coronavirus.

Toilets will be made available on request, Ryanair said in a statement.

The Irish low-cost carrier has grounded its fleet since late March, but plans to restart with about 40 per cent of its normal flight schedules, it said.

The comeback is dependent on government restrictions being lifted on flights within Europe. While the European Commission is preparing recommendations for removing border controls, there are signs that the reopening will be bumpy.

The airline intends to run almost 1000 flights a day from July 1 and to restore 90 per cent of its pre-pandemic route network.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline was operating 2400 flights a day.

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In a return to flying video, Ryanair said passengers should check their temperature before going to the airport, check in online and download their boarding pass to their smartphone. Travellers will be made to undergo further temperature tests at the airport, must wear face masks or other coverings and wash their hands and use hand sanitiser in terminals.

On board the aircraft, only cashless payments will be accepted. Queuing for toilets will be prohibited, and physical distancing at airports and on-board will be encouraged where possible.

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The aircraft will also undergo a deep clean every night with chemicals that are effective for more than 24 hours. All Ryanair planes are fitted with Hepa air filters similar to those used in critical hospital wards, the airline said.

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