Nevada and Reno travel: A cowboy city preserved by natural the beauty of the wild West

However, the state of Nevada is really one full of duality, where there is extreme hedonism there is also extreme beauty.

Of course, Reno is well known for its casinos, which are full of the fun one would expect, surrounded by the dancing lights of the slots.

The Silver Legacy’s sprawling casino with it’s huge central windmill offers a surreal underworld with a myriad of bars and restaurants to enjoy.

You could stay up all night with endless margaritas, trying your hand at the tables. But the city of Reno does have another side, away from the charmingly dilapidated motels and the stale smokey smell of the casino.

Reno, Nevada holidays 2019: A cowboy city in the heart of the mountains

Walk to midtown to find a wholesome suburbia with a thriving live music and bar scene. Fans of the wild West vibe can pick up vintage cowboy boots and other treasures and trinkets from a number of second hand and vintage stores.

Süp serves the best tuna melt in Nevada – hands down.

But there is more to Nevada than just “The Biggest Little City in the World”.

A few hours drive will bring you to a place of incredible natural beauty, Carson Valley, which is home to bears, mountain lions and wild horses.

In the bottom of the mountain-ringed basement sits the Dangberg Home Ranch, which offers a truly fascinating look into the growth of the West, and the US itself.

It is spine-tingling to imagine life in 1856, creating a homestead in the vast and lonely expanse of land, as good as completely isolated from the world.

Nearby is the David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort, where guests can enjoy the baths said to have healing properties.

Enjoy steaming in the same natural wonder once enjoyed by Mark Twain and Clark Gabel.

If you stay overnight, I highly recommend setting your alarm and watching the sun rise over the valley with a coffee while deer and birds roam before your eyes.

You may not know that a large basque population settled in the region.

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Enjoy a taste of this history at the J.T. where traditional and delicious basque meals are served.

Perhaps the most famous beauty spot in Nevada is Lake Tahoe and it really does live up to the hype.

Casting your eyes over the vast expanse of the body of water is both breathtaking and life-affirming.

Stay nearby at the The Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe, where visitors can enjoy a private beach and astronomy classes under the stars.

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