Email mistake almost blew Qantas’ biggest secret

IT WAS the email every Qantas frequent flyer dreams of, and one that nearly exposed the airline’s most coveted secret.

Thousands of Qantas frequent flyers woke on Thursday thinking they had just been given access to one of the airline’s most exclusive clubs — the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge.

The email, which was seeking feedback from Chairman’s Lounge members about the program, was sent to other frequent flyers by mistake.



The rarely seen Qantas Chairman’s Lounge in Brisbane. Picture: Lucas MuroSource:Supplied

The lounge is one of the airline’s most heavily guarded secrets, frequented by the airline’s CEO Alan Joyce and other notable business heads. What is found behind its doors remains a mystery to most flyers. The invitation-only lounge offers fine dining, seat upgrades and other perks.

Social media flared up as flyers thought they had been granted exclusive access.

“The email has certainly got a few people’s hopes up that they were the newest members of the Chairman’s Lounge,” says a Qantas spokeswoman.

“We even had a few people show up to our lounges this morning with the email hoping to get in. You can’t blame them for trying.”


The Chairman’s Lounge is reserved for the airline’s biggest VIPs. Picture: Lucas MuroSource:Supplied

The email included a feedback survey which by 8am had already received 4000 responses, the fastest and most responses to a Chairman’s Lounge survey has ever received.

Members even arrived at the Chairman’s Lounges in Brisbane and Sydney requesting access.

Qantas is notifying customers that the wrong distribution list was used.

A look inside the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge at Melbourne Airport.Source:Supplied

@Qantas new scam ?
… to our most valued members and an important part of this is understanding your experience as a Chairmans Lounge Qantas Frequent Flyer member. To help us with this, we’d appreciate 10 minutes of your time to rate the program and provide some feedback.

Hi @Qantas I am THRILLED to discover that I've been invited to join the Chairman's Lounge!! Flying to Melbourne next week, where should I go to find it?

Is ⁦@Qantas⁩ trolling me? Or is my alter ego a powerful person?

Looks like Qantas just sent out an email to their entire database asking for feedback on being a Chairman’s Lounge member… does this mean I get a call up? ??

Amazed to see I am on the chairman's lounge members list.
I'll be sure to pop in prior to my next flight.
ps, what's the secret password?

Woah @Qantas Chairman's Lounge Membership is so secret I didn't even know I was one.

Here are some rare photos from inside the Chairman’s Lounge at Brisbane Airport.

A sneak peek behind the usually closed doors. Picture: Lucas MuroSource:Supplied

Only the airline’s elite get past this desk. Picture: Lucas MuroSource:Supplied

The unassuming entrance at Brisbane Airport. Picture: Lucas MuroSource:Supplied

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