Under new rules some Cuba hotel stays are legal

Americans traveling to Cuba are allowed to stay in hotels,
as long as the hotels are not on the State Department’s restricted list, and
assuming the travel activity is authorized.

The Treasury Department has clarified the rules after the
U.S. banned “people to people” travel on June 5. Under new
regulations, most tours must operate under the “support for the Cuban
people” category. 

Previously, the “support for the Cuban people category”
did not specifically reference the use of a hotel, saying only that private
home stays are compliant. Now, hotels that aren’t on the restricted list are
eligible for “support for the Cuban people” tours.

Hotels on the restricted list are owned by the Cuban
government or military.

John Kavulich, president of the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic
Council., said that the prohibition of all hotels would have resulted “in
a mismatch of supply and demand, as there would be far too many individuals and
groups seeking accommodations at private residences than would be the number of
available private residences.” 

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