Tammy Levent Introduces TASK™ Prep

WHY IT RATES: Travel agents can learn key tips on how to grow their business by attending one of these live events. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor

Tammy Levent of Elite Travel and founder of TASK (Travel Agent Success Kit) is proud to introduce her new program TASK™ Prep, the only live, hands-on training program in the travel agent industry.

The idea behind the program is to aspire and teach new travel agents to break away from their host agency when wanting to become an independent travel agent. Tammy’s unconventional perspective on growing businesses allows her a unique approach, which is exactly what travel agents need right now.

Levent has been working in the business for 25 years and is a well-known travel guru. Her first major project is TASK LIVE, an award-winning training program in the industry created to help travel agents succeed. The latest addition is TASK™ Prep, a one of a kind program that allows new travel agents the hands-on experience necessary to find even more success in this niche.

She explains, “I travel throughout the United States often and meet thousands of travel agents every year and hear the same story. ‘I’m not making any money being with a host. I have no money left to market myself or grow my agency. Tammy, can you help me?’”

TASK™ Prep requires new travel agents to sign up for the one-day live event, which takes place in various cities around the United States. This unique opportunity allows those wanting to run their own travel agency business to understand how they can become a successful entrepreneur. Participants will receive all of the support and guidance they need, allowing them to understand exactly what is required to become an independent travel agent.

The curriculum is divided into 12 different sections and covers everything new travel agents need to know in order to start their own business. Levent fully understands all the phases required to start one’s own travel business, and thoroughly covers all of these phases during the event. Examples of sections include setting up a business and getting accredited, complying with regulations and how to form strategic partnerships.

The TASK™ Prep program is offered in phases in order to ensure that all agents signing up for the program have everything they need to sustain a successful and profitable business. The free orientation is offered in many cities, and those who want to learn more can sign up for the new program.

Levent will return to the cities six months later after they have had sufficient travel agent training. Her current 20 city tour has her recruiting past TASK agent as ambassadors to help grow the program.

Upon completion, Levent will follow up with every participant to ensure that they are on the right track. New travel agents who would rather be independent travel agents vs. working for a host travel agency are encouraged to sign up for the program via her website.

The first TASK™ Prep live event will take place on October 5th, 2019 in Atlanta and agents are already raving about all of the TASK LIVE training programs that Levent has to offer.

New travel agents who want to get away from their host or start a travel agency on their own will receive the monthly support via virtual training before the TASK™ Prep event. This is ideal as it allows agents to learn step-by-step everything they need to know to find success, from cultivating and finding leads to how to close the sale.

SOURCE: Elite Travel press release.

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