Experience Original Chinese Dining in Las Vegas

In addition to casinos, theaters and shopping malls, the city of Las Vegas is also home to a number of delicious restaurants. Visitors can enjoy anything from elegant fine dining to moderately priced local cuisine, Italian, pizza, seafood, barbeque and the list goes on.

Foodies can now also indulge in one of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ newest restaurants that offers a dining concept celebrating traditional Chinese cuisine and a sophisticated atmosphere. Located on the third level of the Boulevard Tower, Red Plate is open each day from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The name Red Plate derives from a significant Chinese tradition. When visitors would share a meal with the Emperor, the color of the plate would symbolize their rank. Members of the Royal Family along with other prominent figures such as princes and dukes would always use red plates. People dining at The Cosmopolitan’s Red Plate are sure to also be served on a red plate at some point throughout the experience.

Guests to this restaurant are welcomed with an entryway leading first to an intimate bar and lounge prior to entering the main dining area. The space was created by both Marnell Companies and Celano Design Studio and is a mix of both authentic Chinese and contemporary design. The desired setting accompanies The Talon Club, The Boulevard Penthouses and the rest of the hotel’s high-end areas.

Red Plate’s Executive Chef Yip Cheung prepares a menu of authentic Cantonese plates with a modern touch.

The extensive menu offers several starters to choose from including King Crab Spring Rolls, Crispy Tofu with Fried Garlic, Abalone in Cold Sake and more. Soups include Sweet Corn and Foie Gras and Minced Beef Soup with Cilantro and Egg White, among others.

The menu continues with mouthwatering main courses such as BBQ Roast Pork with Honey Glaze, Dim Sum, Beef Fried Rice with Black Truffle and Egg and a large variety of seafood. Some of the seafood includes Tiger Grouper, Maine Lobster and Alaskan King Crab.

Visitors looking for cocktails to accompany their meal or desserts to indulge in afterward will be pleased to find delicious options available.

Foodies traveling to Las Vegas in search of a traditional Chinese dining concept won’t be disappointed with a trip to Red Plate.

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